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Gregory Ingram, LCSW (Executive Director pictured above): has been treating children, adults and families in clinics and in private practice for nearly 25 years and is licensed in both New Jersey and New York.  He is an accredited Clinical Supervisor for the State of New Jersey and has worked in both regular and special education for the Newark Public Schools for the past 15 years.


Richard Green, LCSW (Consultant):  Board Member of the National Association of Social Workers has extensive experience with children both in school districts and with In Home counseling.


Tracy Barry-Austin, LCSW (consultant):  is a Play Therapy specialist and is very experienced with school aged children, Early Childhood and in Early Intervention.


Carrel Coreus, LPC, LCDAC(consultant): Specializes in school issues and school aged children and young adults. He is bi-lingual and speaks English and Haitian-Creole

Jeffrey Aviles, LCSW(consultant): Specializes in school aged and teenaged children.  He is bi-lingual and speaks English and Spanish.

Magdalena Anisko, MD (pediatrician): is a board certified pediatrician for many years and has been recognized as one of New Jersey’s Best Docs for several years.


Joann Rustemeyer, BA (tutor): is a certified teacher has worked in the Carteret School Public Schools for 15 years.


Barry Williams, BA (tutor):  is a certified teacher and tutors all levels of math.


Yeong Mae Hwang (interpreter):  is from China and speaks both Chinese and Korean.


Ana Rodrigues, BA (interpreter): is a certified Pre-K teacher and speaks Portuguese.


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