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We offer a wide range of outpatient psychotherapeutic and pediatric services for children, families and adults.  Everyone deals with internal struggles.  Whether it be anxiety, depression, anger issues, gender and/or sexuality concerns, substance abuse or a host of any other concerns, we’re here to offer our compassion and expertise.  Whether it be medically or emotionally, the Internal Affairs Treatment Group is here to support you and your family through troublesome times.


We love kids!!  In the Child & Family Therapy Center, children are encouraged to express their feelings through talking, play, groups and art. Runny noses and sniffles are handled by our resident doctor, Magdalena Anisko, M.D. a well known and respected pediatrician in Union and Middlesex counties since 1999.  We also have an educational tutoring component for children in grades K-12 by our licensed tutors and Educators.  


Our culturally sensitive and diverse staff is here for you able to offer services in many languages such as: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, and French.

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